Qatayef Men Masr (captions from Egypt )

Anakato guest house entrance - Nubia - Aswan

Breakfast at Anakato

Chef Shaaban - Anakato

Tamarind and Hibiscus smoothies


Qatayef Men Masr (captions from Egypt)


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” setup at Le Caire gallery ”

” Wara’it Lahma…The Egyptian version of Fajitas ”

A Grocery store but….


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Last summer, Marilinda invited me to pay a visit to that gourmet speciality food emporium in the upper east side of Manhattan, Eli’s food market.
Eli Zabar is a very recognized gourmet food retailer who grew up in a family that started their food business in 1934, with their famous Zabar store on Broadway.
Eli, the youngest brother of Zabar’s sons, was asked by his older siblings to start from the bottom of their family business after their father passed away in the 50s. That was when he decided to defect and start his own ELI’s food market.
Eli expanded his business and today he is very recognized with his restaurants, bakery, and of course his food store which is well known with presenting the finest and widest variety of food and grocery.
Visiting his store for me, as a food photographer, was a must see experience just like MOMA and the metropolitan.

Enjoy ..

Eli's Food Market entrance

Eli's organically raised plants

When we first walked down the escalators, a display of carrots in the vegetables sections made me decide to grab my camera out…this is not a normal visit here!

Vegetables displays

That sign caught my attention..(Please be very gentle with the tomatoes). That keeps Eli’s as a main shopping point for food stylists and photographers who are seeking well formed products.

Eli's tomatoes, worth treating gently!

At the end of the vegetables section, the amazing arrangements of fruits confused me what to post, otherwise I would only blog about them.

Cherries and Berries


“If it wasn't for the olives in his martinis, he'd starve to death!”- Milton Berle quotes

Mixed nuts

Now at Eli's

How can anyone govern a nation that has two hundred and forty-six different kinds of cheese? - Charles De Gaulle

“The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook” - Julia Child

Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti - Sophia Loren

Eli's daily homemade chips

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou - Omar Khayyam

Eli's 4th of July cupcakes

At the end of the food tour around Eli’s, you can have a fresh salad, make your own sandwich, experience their fresh homemade sushi, and of course soup of the day. Then before checking out maybe you want to improve your cooking skills. An exclusive selection of books and magazines, cooking tools and table ware.
And don’t forget to stop by, the flower shop..