Qatayef; captions by Egypt based food, lifestyle and travel photographer, Sherif Tamim

Inspired from being part of a family that leaded fine arts in Egypt during the twentieth century and after graduation from school of Architecture, Sherif Tamim worked as an architect for two years before switching his career to his beloved hobby.

Sherif has been recognized during the past eight years as one of the leading food and lifestyle photographers in the Middle East after performing a number of editorial works with some magazines and books, beside his commercial work.

In 2007 Gourmand Awards nominated him one of the best cookbook photographers, as well being a regular attendee to the bi annual international conference for food photographers and stylists at Boston University.

In 2010, he has been working on a lifestyle book covering the Four Seasons hotels properties of the Middle East, which was a very important stage when he decided to focus more on his editorial career.

Sherif decided to start his blog, Qatayef, as a channel to expose some of his food, lifestyle and travel experience. Qatayef is the name of a very common Fatimid sweet served during the holy month of Ramadan, and it is an Arabic word that also means Captions.



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  1. very very proud of you… as always..


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